• For 24 hour assistance worldwide contact:
  • 5-11 Lavington Street, London SE1 0NZ
  • T +44 (0) 207 902 7405
  • F +44 (0) 207 928 4748
  • For assistance in the USA contact:
  • T +1 215 489 3785
  • F +1 215 489 8525
  • For assistance in Africa contact:
  • T +27 10 209 8300
  • F +27 10 209 8405
  • For assistance in the Asia Pacific contact:
  • T +662 645 3932
  • F +662 645 3732
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No matter where you are in the world; if you are ill or have an accident whilst travelling or working overseas the desire to be in familiar territory is understandable.

Specialty Repatriation is a team of experts who are highly proficient in world-wide logistics required for medical repatriation. Suitable transport is used depending upon the terrain, distance and patient condition. This complete service also covers the transport of travelling companions when necessary.

Air ambulance − equipped and designed to cater for medical emergencies, always accompanied by doctors or nurses..

Road Ambulance − used frequently to transport a patient to and from a commercial airfield, or hospital, also used to meet flights and transport patients to the receiving hospital following a repatriation or evacuation.

Commercial flight − every airline has its own requirements before allowing a patient to travel. Our liaison and forward planning with the airline is required to ensure that seat configurations will allow for a patient to travel comfortably and safely whether or not accompanied by a medical escort. Some commercial airlines do allow stretchers to be transported.

Helicopters − may be used when a medical aircraft cannot access an area or a road ambulance cannot travel.

Train and taxi − for short distances to ensure a patient journey is completed to their required destination.

Specialty Repatriation offers a door-to-door service to ensure a patient gets home safely. We arrange all tickets and itineraries, to ensure the traveller is fully briefed and has a trouble-free journey.