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International Medical Screening has been delivering a professional service to Travel Underwriters and Insurers for in excess of 9 years. We offer a guaranteed quality of medical screening services; which are cost efficient, proactive and flexible.

Our objective is to ensure that excellent medical risk management processes commence at policy inception. Our services are extending to cover additional screening suitable for Term Life, Private Medical Insurance and Accident Sickness and Unemployment insurance policy contracts.

Our system carries a very comprehensive library of medical conditions and medications that are constantly updated to ensure accuracy and keep our experienced team of dedicated medical screening staff up to date and able to accurately pinpoint risk. Consistency in risk assessment relies on robust procedure and highly trained and closely supervised staff that efficiently identify the fullest range of risks when advanced medical screening measures are needed. We question until satisfied that we have a clear medical picture. There is no production line mentality.

Many people do not know what medical conditions they have, or the impact of these conditions. Capturing the medication detail gives us a clear indication of what condition(s) a customer has, how severe it is and whether it is well controlled.

Automated and multiple choice answers CANNOT provide a truly accurate assessment.. If our screening staff identify something different, untoward, unusual as a result of our questions - we address and assess it accordingly – rather than ignore it because it doesn’t fall into the automated question process.

Our proven high conversion rate for acceptance and subsequent collection of an Additional Premium for our clients is based on our exceptional customer service. This combined with our intelligent reporting ability, which for clients also subscribing to Specialty Assist and Specialty Claim services, provides an Underwriter with an informed and incisive combined scheme reporting facility, to ensure enhanced risk management processes and protection of loss ratios.

Having provided a medical assessment, International Medical Screening will issue documentation confirming the terms under which the cover has been extended, thereby ensuring that both the insured and insurer are confident that the policy provides appropriate cover.

International Travel and Healthcare is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.